Hire Crane Operator

Hire Crane Operator

CPCS Crane Operators and Lifting Personnel

Personnel available on a daily basis, give us a call for rates. We are happy to put a complete package together if you want contract lift services of plant and personnel.

CPCS Compact Crane Operators - A66 Endorsement 'A' ( Mini Crawler Crane e.g. Maeda, Unic or Jecko ) and A66 Endorsement 'C' ( Trailer Crane e.g. Klaas, Bocker or Paus )
CPCS Slinger / Signaller - A40 To attach loads to the crane hook and give clear instructions to the crane driver for the movement of the load
CPCS Crane Lift Supervisor - A62 To oversee the lifting operation and ensure safety is maintained
CPCS Appointed Person - A61 To plan your lift and produce relevant lift plans and risk assessment
CSCS Air Mat Fall Arrest Installer - Qualified and experienced personnel who can set-up and operate a trailer fall arrest air mat system
Call us now if you need experienced and reliable CPCS personnel at sensible rates - 01299 824 333

Vacuum Lifter Operator

Our GQA qualified vacuum lifter operators come with extensive experience and training to safely operate vacuum lifters for glass and cladding installations.