Lifting Solutions at Vacuum & Crane

High quality lifting equipment and material handling equipment...

Lifting Solutions at Vacuum & Crane

High quality lifting equipment and material handling equipment...

Lifting Solutions: An Introduction

At Vacuum & Crane, we provide high quality lifting equipment and material handling equipment, including Mini cranes, glass & cladding Vacuum Lifters, forklift attachments and hoists. Based in the West Midlands, we supply our equipment Nationwide. With over 20 years of experience in the industry, we have worked extremely hard to develop our services to the high standard they are today.

We have a wide range of glass boy floor cranes, forklift attachments and lifting beams for immediate hire. We also have a fantastic development team to create bespoke solutions for you. Just give us a call with your requirements and we will provide you with a solution.

Does your machine need a test?

We also offer a Loler testing and certification service for your machines if they are out of test or need repairing. All our lifting equipment adheres to regulations and they are regularly checked to ensure they are meeting our exacting standards

Glass Boy Floor Crane 330 – 330kg

The Glassboy 330 is a counterbalanced floor crane and is ideal for shop fronts and low level glazing applications. Its compact design makes it easy to transport in a van.

When combined with a vacuum glass lifter it makes a simple solution for more basic glazing installations. It can also be used to install glass between floors or where there is an overhang.

A counterbalanced floor crane with a hydraulic lifting arm, the Glassboy is compact, lightweight and comes with a lift capacity of 330kg.

  • Counterbalance floor crane with hydraulic lifting arm
  • Max lifting capacity of 330kg
  • Max hook height 2.76m
  • Perfect for office, showroom and shop front glazing, fitting below architectural features when used in conjunction with a vacuum lifter
  • Ideal for lifting loads from below when fitted with an electric hoist
  • Can be quickly and easily assembled and disassembled for transport
  • Lockable wheels
Technical Sheet


Application: Ideal for glass installation

Model: Glassboy 330

Max hook height: 2.7m

Max SWL: 330kg

Weight: 122kg (w/o counterweights)

Weight Cont: 408kg (inc counterweights)

Height Stowed: 0.8m

Length stowed: 1.7m

Width stowed: 0.80m

Counterweights: 8 x 16kg

Hydraulic arm

Lockable rear wheels

Vacuum lifters hired separately

Geko Glazing Robot – 250kg

The Geko is a extremely flexible, glazing robot that can move windows, glass panels and even curtain wall units into the correct position ready for fitting.

With 250kg of battery powered hydraulic lifting, the Geko Glazing Robot is a machine encompassing of a battery-powered installation robot which can be used in conjunction a removeable MRT4 Glass Vacuum Lifter.

This compact machine can fit through a regular doorway to work between floor levels where they can work internally to carry out glazing operations from the inside out. These machines are a popular choice with glazing and curtain wall contractors who need an efficient and accurate result.

Geko robots have a small footprint which means they can work close to the installation point and around any nearby obstacles.
Used together with other pieces of glass handling equipment, glazing robots have been created to comply with manual handling guidelines particularly associated to handling composite and unitised windows.

All glazing robots for hire undergo safety checks and calibration before being hired out. Glazing robot hire services available across the UK. Training available on this product.

  • Capacity: 250kg
  • Working height: 2.65m
  • Extendable frame accommodates a wide variety of composite windows and glass shapes
  • Min width 618mm, fits through a standard doorway
  • Hydraulic lifting and tilting powered by 12v battery pack
  • 30° powered forwards tilt head movement
  • 20° powered backwards tilt head movement
  • 500mm powered vertical head movement
  • 120mm manual lateral head movement
  • Removable counterweights for ease of transport
  • Not suitable for use in the rain – read more in our safety guide

Fork Mounted Jib

A fixed length forklift jib which mounts on to the forks of any fork truck. This gives the user a hook point to mount other things from. It turns your fork truck into a crane in seconds, simply drive in and secure to forks. An excellent and essential standby for handling the occasional long/awkward load. Supplied with safety swivel, hook and shackle.

A fork mounted jib or hook is typically used when it is required to lift the load from the top rather than lifting from below the load, for example where the fork times cannot fit under the load. There are a wide range of jibs and hooks available from low profile to high profile which are useful if you need to lift that little bit higher.


Technical Sheet


Weight: Fork Jib Weight – 165KG

Proof Load: Proof Load applied at 1000mm – 2100KG (150%)

Safe Working Load: Safe working load at 1000mm – 1400KG

Construction: Steel construction

Maximum Fork Size: Suitable for maximum fork size – 150mm x 50mm

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