Cladding Lifter Hire

Hook and fork mountable vacuum lifters.

For the lifting and installation of composite sandwich panels, we have a range of both hook and fork mountable vacuum lifters.

These machines will lift panels made by manufacturers such as Eurobond, Kingspan, Trimo, Isocab, Euroclad, Isowall, Corus and many more. Specific pad shapes and pad seal combinations are available to meet your requirements.

Please give us a call and we will be happy to advise on what you need.

Do you need some assistance to operate the equipment? Find out about our Operator service.

Available Products

Oktopus GI-B Cladding Lifter

Oktopus KI-B Cladding Lifter

Oktopus KT-B Cladding Lifter

Oktopus KT-B + DT5 Cladding Lifter

Oktopus IT-B Cladding Lifter

Oktopus KA-BN Cladding Lifter