Glass Lifter Hire

Glass Lifter Hire

We have a wide range of vacuum glass lifters, each of which offer exceptional features and capabilities. All our glass lifters are dual circuit and built to EN13155 standard.

We have glass lifters ranging from 300KG to 1250 KG capacity and with numerous pad configurations. We have everything from a simple 4 pad in-line machine through to multi pad cluster type lifters. Please have a look at the wide selection available. If you can’t see a glass lifter to meet your needs, let us know and we’ll be happy to design one especially for you.

These vacuum lifters are available to hire or buy.

Do you need some assistance to operate the equipment? Find out about our Operator service.

Available Products

Woods P11104-4in-line

Oktopus GL-L 300 Glass Lifter

Woods MRT4 – 4 pad cluster

Oktopus GL-K 300 Glass Lifter

Righetti VB6 Glass Lifter

Oktopus GL-R 600 Glass Lifter

Oktopus GL-K 800 Glass Lifter

Oktopus GL-K 1250 Glass Lifter