Oktopus GL-R 600 Glass Lifter

Oktopus GL-R 600 Glass Lifter


The GL-R 600 is a 4 or 8 pad type vacuum lifter for lifting and installing wall and roof glass units. This model can be used with either 4, 6 or 8 pads depending on the size, shape and weight of glass to be lifted.

It has a lifting capacity of up to 600KG and is dual circuit for added safety. It features large 400mm diameter suction pads for superior glass lifting ability with a high factor of safety and has extensions which can be used to increase the pad arm lengths for larger glass units.

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Technical Information


Handling of glass panels in industrial construction

The building panels to be processed

Must be air impermeable on the suction surfaces, have a clean and even surface, may not be covered by a protective film

Safe working load

600kg (8 suction cups 400 mm)

Weight of device

As of 54 kg


Hand slide valve located directly on the device

Power supply

24 V battery

Vacuum production

Vacuum pump
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