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Vacuum Lifter Hire

For manufacturing and assembly lines, we are able to provide vacuum lifter hire for lifting components and materials. We can lift glass, metal, ceramics, plastics and many other materials.

With a full design and assembly facility, we can lift anything from a few kilograms to 5 tons! We can supply vacuum lifters to run on electricity, compressed air or with on-board re-chargeable batteries.

Do you need some assistance to operate the vacuum lifter? Find out about our contract lift service.

Vacuum Lifters make glass lifting effortless and take away the strain of manual handling. We offer over 20 different types of Vacuum Lifters compatible with a variety of material, so if you’re looking to lift glass, sheet metal, plastics or cutain walling weighing up to 2600KG, we are sure to have the right lifting equipment for you!