It is vitally important that operators who use vacuum lifters are fully trained in their use. Whilst vacuum lifters bring savings in time and manual handling, they must be used correctly and be in a good condition. Pre-use checks are vital before using the lifter but equally the person carrying them out needs to know how to do it.

We offer 2 types of training:

This can be carried out during delivery on site and covers the features and controls of the lifter. This is required if the operator has experience in using vacuum lifters but has not actually used a particular model. Familiarisation is not an assessment of competence.

1 day training course
This is an in-depth course which covers aspects such as choosing the correct vacuum lifter, pre-use checks, correct use and storing. It features both theory and practical tests and is carried out at our GQA training centre. Independently accredited by the GQA - Glass Qualifications Authority, the course provides candidates with relevant and practical knowledge to safely operate vacuum lifting equipment. On successful completion of the course, the candidates will receive a GQA Q Card Photo ID, to prove competency in operating vacuum lifting equipment.

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