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What is CPA Crane Hire?

All crane hire companies work to the terms and conditions of the CPA (Construction Plant Hire Association) and in accordance with BS7121 (“The Safe Use of Cranes”). At Vacuum and Crane, we offer crane hire on a CPA Crane Hire or a CPA Contract Lift basis.

If you are organizing a lift, one way to undergo completing the lift is to hire a crane and operator to work to your instructions on the site. This means that you handle planning the lift, choosing a suitable crane and are responsible for arranging slinging and signaling personnel. You are also accountable for managing the lifting while it is in operation. This means you must provide an experienced and appropriately trained Appointed Person to oversee the process.

Full copies of our CPA Terms and Conditions are available to download below:

What is provided with CPA Crane Hire?

When you hire a crane through CPA Crane Hire the hire company are responsible for the following elements:

  • Providing you with a crane that is fully maintained and in a good working condition
  • The crane supplied must be tested and certified, which should be supportable by the crane company
  • They must also supply for you a crane operator – the crane operator must be fully certified and competent for the task

What is not provided with CPA Crane Hire?

While CPA Crane Hire supplies you with the above aspects, you must provide the following:

You will need to arrange having the following people on site:

  • An Appointed Person who is fully competent in all features of the lifting process, as well as having the relevant experience and knowledge to complete the job.
  • A qualified Crane Supervisor
  • A qualified Slinger/Signaller.

The work should be carried out in accordance with both LOLER 1998 and BS 7121.

It is your duty to make sure that the crane is suitable for the job.

You need to plan and complete the lift in operation with a safe system of work.

You are accountable for checking the permits and certifications of both the crane hire company and the crane.

CPA Crane Hire gives far more responsibility to the hirer, but is often a good option if the hirer already has several of the above requirements in place. If you’re interested in undertaking a CPA Crane Hire from Vacuum and Crane, call us on 01299 824333.

CPA Contract Lift VS. CPA Crane Hire

CPA Contract Lift – Includes site survey by one of our CPCS appointed persons, crane operator, lift supervisor/slinger banksman, full written lift plan, insurance cover.

CPA Crane Hire – Includes crane, vacuum lifter if required and crane operator. The lifting operation is contractually the customer’s responsibility if things go wrong. The customer must provide the appointed person, lift supervisor/slinger banksman, full written lift plan  and insurance cover.

 If you’re still unsure which service to choose, click here CPA Crane hire Vs Contract Lift Hire!

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