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Mini Crane Hire

We have a great range of compact cranes available for lifting materials and equipment. When you have minimal room to use a traditional crane, mini cranes are the answer. These cranes are slim enough to fit through a standard door, deliver up to 4.0 tons of lifting power and retain excellent maneuverability.

Trailer Cranes

Trailer cranes are a cost-effective alternative to truck-mounted or mobile cranes and are well suited to installing cladding, glazing and curtain walling. With radio remote control operation, the trailer crane operator can position themselves close to the load, which can be useful for fine precision placement. Our towable trailer cranes are ideal for lifting to 30 metre heights in restricted access environments and over rooftops.

Glass Lifter Hire

We have a wide range of vacuum glass lifters, each of which offer exceptional features and capabilities. All our glass lifters are dual circuit and built to EN13155 standard. We have glass lifters ranging from 300KG to 1250 KG capacity and with numerous pad configurations. We have everything from a simple 4 pad in-line machine through to multi pad cluster type lifters. Please have a look at the wide selection available. If you can’t see a glass lifter to meet your needs, let us know and we’ll be happy to design one especially for you.

Cladding Lifter Hire

For the lifting and installation of composite sandwich panels, we have a range of both hook and fork mountable vacuum lifters. These machines will lift panels made by manufacturers such as Eurobond, Kingspan, Trimo, Isocab, Euroclad, Isowall, Corus and many more. Specific pad shapes and pad seal combinations are available to meet your requirements.

Mobile Crane Contract Lift

As well as executing contract lifts with our compact cranes, we also carry them out with Mobile and Tower cranes. With over 30 years combined experience in the industry, our highly knowledgeable appointed persons are guaranteed to find a suitable mobile crane to help you complete the job safely and efficiently.

We are FORS accredited!

Vacuum & Crane are proud to say that all of our services encompass all aspects of safety, fuel efficiency, vehicle emissions and improved operations.

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