Service & LOLER Testing

Service and LOLER testing

Service & LOLER Testing

We also offer a LOLER testing and certification service for your machines if they are out of test or need repairing. All our lifting equipment adheres to regulations and they are regularly checked to ensure they are meeting our exacting standards.

What is LOLER?

The Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER) are in place to ensure that all lifting equipment is used in a safe manner. Any business or organisation whose employees operate lifting equipment on the job are required to comply to these regulations, which come under the Health and Safety at Work Act.
Failure to comply fully with the requirements of LOLER can have significant and severe consequences.
Vacuum and Crane Ltd have a qualified team of personnel who will be pleased to assist you with LOLER certification, this can be presented either in digital or hard copy format.


How does LOLER work?

  • LOLER requires that any lifting equipment used or provided in a working environment must be:
  • sufficiently robust and well-designed and fit for purpose to lift its specified load.
  • installed and located in such a way as to minimise potential risks to health and safety. This would include, for example, any danger from falling objects or the accidental contact of lifting equipment with workers.
  • subjected to regular and ongoing inspection and thorough examination by suitably trained and qualified personnel.
  • adequately and clearly marked with sufficient information to ensure the safe and correct use of the equipment.


Are there additional requirements?

Yes: LOLER lays down mandatory thorough examination periods for different equipment. These may, for example, mean compulsory examination of accessories every 6 months and other equipment covered by LOLER, every twelve months. Employers should also be able to demonstrate that they are actively complying with LOLER’s mandatory examinations. Please feel free to contact us for any guidance or assistance.

Why is CPA Contract Lift so popular?

CPA Contract Lifts takes the pressure off you on site and allows us to prepare, manage and oversee all aspects of the lifting for you. From the initial site survey to assess the equipment required, through to the final lift, we will ensure your project is carried out safely and efficiently within current regulations.

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