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Maeda MC305 climbing its way to becoming most popular crane

As well as glass installations, Spider Cranes are incredibly useful for installing other materials, particularly where access is restricted. Take this new office block project in Bicester for example, the task was to install the structure of a steel staircase, weighing up to 350kg at the entrance of the building. A Mobile Crane would not have been able to undertake a project like this as they are too large, making our Maeda MC305 Spider Crane perfect for such the job.

Due to this being an indoor installation, we also used an exhaust purifier. Using diesel powered equipment indoors, or in confined areas, results in operators or nearby personnel  being exposed to high levels of hazardous diesel exhaust emissions. There is also the nuisance of harmful diesel odours and diesel soot contamination. When working inside buildings like shopping centres for instance, this can create a problem that many plant hire companies are not yet able to overcome.

The exhaust purifier that we use is a reusable, portable, particulate filter device that is attached to the cranes’ exhaust. It collects 95% of the diesel particulate (soot) and has self cleaning system. There is no need for replaceable elements of filters.

MC305 Mini Crane

Technical Data Spec Sheet 

The MC305 is the first “ride on” Maeda Mini Cranes and is extremely powerful for its small stature. Up to 2.98 tons of lifting power from a machine only 1280mm wide. The superior quality and engineering of the Maeda product line gives longevity of use and higher return on rental investments are enjoyed by end users across the board.

The Maeda MC305 mini crane is a key machine in the Vacuum and Crane hire fleet. It can be combined with a range of mini crane attachments to carry out a wide range of tasks that require materials lifting and handling.
With a lifting capacity of just under 3 tonnes and a 12.5m boom that lifts 790kg using the full extension, it’s an extremely practical and versatile mini crane. As the MC305 is small and powerful, it’s perfect for lifting under canopy structures or areas with low headroom, the crane also has a useful removable searcher hook attachment too.

This mini crane also has a fully functional remote control, which displays the load that is being lifted and lets the operator know what they can lift.

  • Sheaves Protected Inside Boom
  • Variable (Hi/Lo) Travel Speeds
  • Programmable Moment Limiter
  • Hydrostatic Transmission
  • Centralized Controls
  • 4 Fall / 2 Fall Hook Block
  • Automatic Hook Stowage System
  • Tilt Sensor/Alarm
  • Powerful Two Speed Winch
  • Hydraulic Disc Brake
  • Remote Control
  • Outrigger Interlock System



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