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Vacuum And Crane Add New Electric Maeda MC285 To Mini Crane Fleet

Vacuum And Crane Take Delivery Of New Fully Electric Maeda MC285CB-3 🌍 

Maeda Electric MC285CB-3 Delivery
Market-leading spider crane manufacturers, Maeda, have created the first fully battery-powered mini crane. In View of the new MC285CB-3 mini crane’s zero emissions, quiet operation and energy efficiency, Vacuum and Crane are pleased to announce the addition of the fully electric mini crane to the expanding fleet.
Our Technical Director, Andy Hinton-Sheley, took delivery of the new eco-friendly machine from Andrew Crane of Kranlyft last week.
Andy comments – “This new addition to our crane fleet shows our commitment to sustainable building methods and our continued investment in equipment to meet our customers requirements.”
Mini cranes have already proven themselves to be environmentally friendly with a lower carbon footprint compared to larger cranes and often due to their compact nature and ability to move and manoeuvre quickly and precisely, they remove the need for larger tower cranes on a variety of projects that require lifting.
This is the first fully electric powered mini crane from Maeda. With zero emissions, it can be used safely in sensitive indoor environments and when regulations need to be adhered to. Some of the benefits include improved energy efficiency and productivity, reduced ventilation needs as well as the clear environmental aspect.
With a lithium-ion battery, this crane can be operated continuously for over 9 hours and be fully charged in only 3.5 hours. As well as that, continuous operation is possible while charging which enables use. The crane capacity and operating speeds have not been compromised since it equals the regular MC285C-3.
The battery-operated crane has a maximum capacity of 2.82 ton x 1.4m. Maximum lifting height on the ground is 8.7m and the maximum working radius is 8.205m x 0.15t. All this is incorporated into this innovative piece of engineering that weighs in at only 2000kg. We can now proudly be a part of building a future with zero emissions.
Keep a lookout for our new eco-friendly crane on site! 🌳😄
Some of the key features of the new MC285CB-3 are:
  • Fully electric powered
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Minimal charging time
  • Low noise & improved working environment
  • Zero emissions from use
  • Compact & lightweight
  • Continuous operation while charging
  • Fully monitored battery life
  • Easily switch between energy-saving modes
  • White rubber tracks equipped as standard
  • Work safely in enclosed environments without causing any pollution
  • Reduced energy costs

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